Why choose AdaptLife?


We are highly-qualified and experienced, trained to work with patients in a way that addresses psychological and physical issues at the same time.


The AdaptLife therapist encourages autonomy and confidence by ensuring the patient is the director of their own solutions.


We work quickly and efficiently, aware of the urgency sometimes required to remedy stressful situations for patients, families and carers.


We understand the importance of good design when considering home modifications and changes to environments.


We often work in environments of family conflict and tension. We are an LGBT friendly organisation.


We acknowledge the importance of all aspects of a person’s life, including sexual expression and gender identity and can help by discussing and addressing complex issues.

If you would like to speak to Sarah, please call 085 234 6 234.

Call AdaptLife on 01 661 7875
Sarah Sproule t: 01 661 7875 m: 085 234 6 234 www.adaptlife.ie