What is Occupational Therapy?

At AdaptLife our philosophy is simple – everyone deserves the opportunity to make the most of where they are in life right now. The specialist Occupational Therapy offered by AdaptLife ensures you do just that.

What are ‘occupations’?

Occupational Therapy promotes health and well being through ‘occupations’, or put another way, through the things we do, including: daily living activities, personal care, work, education, rest, leisure and play within specific environmental and cultural contexts.

Finding solutions

Participating in daily occupations can become challenging for people who find themselves facing physical or emotional barriers after major surgery, or being in an accident, or due to a serious health condition. It is at these times that the occupations that we take for granted can now become difficult to perform. Whether a person simply wants more independence, or has only suffered a minor set back and is intent on returning to the throws of a busy work place, Occupational Therapy can help find the solutions and provide the proper training to enable a person to carry on enjoying their life.

Reclaiming independence

The abilities and disabilities of people vary greatly, but Occupational Therapy is constant in one key area: to give a person the level of independence they need to feel confident and happier about the situation they may find themselves in.

It works!

Occupational Therapy gets results. Sometimes a person might think their situation is hopeless. At AdaptLife we don’t believe in limitations. It’s not about what we can’t do, it’s about what we can do and how best we can do it.

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