Family sex education

Most parents know they need to be more involved in their children’s sex education but they aren’t quite sure what to do, how to do it and when to start. An AdaptLife OT can help.

Our parenting sessions are health-focused and will give you the framework to teach your kids about sexuality and relationships. You will learn how to start conversations, answer questions and provide a culture of openness and acceptance at home. You want to be the adult your kid will come to when things get difficult as they grow up and face new challenges. We support you to be that trusted adult. 

An Adaptlife OT can assist you to:

  • Discover what your kid knows so far
  • Learn to communicate about sexuality without creating embarrassment for your kid 
  • Use our framework to make sure you cover all the topics needed for where your kid is in their development

Visit to find out more about Sarah's membership service for parents who want the best sexuality education for their kids at the right time.

School Info Evenings

There is so much in the press at the moment about consent and sexuality education. Parents are right to feel nervous.

While your school may be conducting RSE in the classroom, parents can feel ill-equipped to follow up that conversation at home. Teachers can only do so much to prepare 5th and 6th class students for the social hurdles present in secondary school.

Parents are the primary caregivers and have the ultimate responsibility to be their child's trusted adult, someone they can turn to when life gets complicated.

AdaptLifeOT provides an evening workshop for parents that addresses these problems around conversations about sexuality and the relevant aspects of consent appropriate for primary school children. 

This work aims to maximise young people's physical and mental health for the long term.

Sarah's evening presentations are health-based resources that provide tools for parents who want to learn what to talk about with their kids and how to do it in a relaxed, comfortable way. The 'Resource Materials for Relationships & Sexuality Education' from the Department of Education form the basis for an evening of facilitated discussion, information and support.

Send an email to to inquire about bringing Sarah to your school to learn about the best sexuality education in the home environment for kids in 5th and 6th class.

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